Young Bravos VS. Old Veterans


Random Event

Even in success, people will find something to fight about...

Event Dialogue

A dispute has arisen among the weaponthanes after the raid on the <X clan>.  The disputing factions are roughly divided between the older, veteran warriors and the daring young bravos.  The bravos accuse the veterans of taking more than their fair share after past raids, and demand three out of four pieces of loot from this raid, to make things square.
  1. Give the bravos three quarters of the loot.
  2. Let them work it out themselves.
  3. Order that the loot be shared equally.
  4. Punish both sides; confiscate all of the loot.
  5. Punish the complainers by giving the veterans three quarters of the loot.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Giving the bravos three-quarters of the loot will obviously please the younger warriors, but anger the older ones.  The main reason you may wish to go with this choice is if you just recruited a good number of weaponthanes recently.  This choice may cause this event to replay.
  • By the same token, you can punish the bravos and give the veterans three quarters of the loot.  The older warriors will like this decision, but the young ones will chafe.  The main reason you may wish to go with this choice is if you haven't recruited many weaponthanes to recently. This choice may cause this event to replay.
  • Letting them work it out is a chancy proposition.  The warriors may well resolve matters between themselves, and praise the ring for their patience.  However, if matters go bad, you will see a repeat of this encounter, as well as a decline in the mood of your warriors.
  • Ordering the loot to be shared equally usually drives home the point both groups must work together, and tend to quell their disagreement  However, there is a chance both sides will be displeased by this, viewing it as the ring being afraid to make one firm decision.  If this occurs, the warriors' morale declines.
  • If you wish to really drive home the point, confiscate all the loot.  If your warriors hold you in high regard, both sides will take the hint, and straighten up.  If you aren't respected, though, your decision will lower the warriors' morale, and they may even leave the clan.

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