Young God-Talker of Ernalda


Random Event

Notable Rewards Captured Spirit

The Orlanthi live in a land of spirits and gods.  It takes a special individual to communicate with them, as many don't think well of humans.

Event Dialogue

<X>, one of the most promising young god-talkers of Ernalda in your clan, has been neglecting her duties of late. She often disappears for hours at a time. Her uncle follows her one day, and discovers that she's been going into the forest to talk and laugh with a spirit. When word of her activities spreads, some of the people are concerned.
  1. Convince the people that there is no harm in it.
  2. Forbid her to visit the spirit.
  3. Sacrifice to the spirit.
  4. Send for shamans to capture the spirit.
  5. Send for shamans to drive off the spirit.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Ignoring it, or banning the interaction can lead to no further changes.
  • Allowing the friendship, or sacrificing to the spirit may actually raise one's clan magic.
  • Driving the spirit away, or otherwise breaking the friendship may also lower one's clan magic as the spirit grows angry.
  • If successfully captured, the spirit actually becomes a treasure in the clan's possession.


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