Zombie Homecoming


Random Event

Happens when Undead left unchecked

Much as they may wish otherwise, the undead can strike close to home...

Event Dialogue

Warriors from your clan have returned from a mission to the Upland Marsh area as walking corpses.  The carls thought they were alive at first.  This gave the corpses a chance to attack by surprise.  A quick-thinking warrior distracted them and everyone got to safety.  The undead are now milling about in confusion.  One of them is reciting a line from Oskul's Saga, over and over.
  1. Drive them off.
  2. Kill them, then compensate their families.
  3. Kill them, then sacrifice to Humakt, foe of the undead.
  4. Kill them.
  5. Threaten them with legal action if they don't leave.

King of Dragon Pass


Your primary concern at this point is doing something about the zombies.  However, any violence you engage in (options 1-4) also risks and injury and death among your people. Either way, morale will plummet as the undead in this event are still recognizable.

  • Driving them off is less likely to cause death among your warriors, but the undead may return.
  • Killing them is a more permanent solution, though you face greater violence.  Sacrificing to Humakt will decrease the threat of the undead, while compensating their family raises morale as the people realize you care about the survivors.
  • Threatening them with legal action is an interesting option, and if you have a high Custom, it is almost a guarantee to succeed.  Using precedents, you may convince the undead they have no business among the living, and possibly ending their existence.


  • This event is a possible follow up from the Three Swamp Witches if you sent out a search party and were ambushed.  (This is no guarantee it would happen).
  • This event may also occur as a follow-up to the Zombie Siege  if you elect to send out a party of explorers to discover the cause of the undead rising from their graves to attack you.   
  • It is unconfirmed if this event occurs from just a random party being ambushed if they cross through the Upland Marsh.

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