Zombie Siege


Random Event

Happens when Undead left unchecked

You know things are getting...interesting...when the undead have enough time to build siege weapons...

Event Dialogue

A troop of walking corpses attack!  Several of your warriors are killed in the initial onslaught.  Parts of your fortifications are destroyed.  The corpses shrug off blows that would fell a mortal man, even when horribly mutilated.  Your forces finally rally and drive them off.
  1. Rally local clans to find and fight the undead.
  2. Sacrifice to Humakt, foe of the Undead.
  3. Send a large force to find and fight undead.
  4. Send scouts to learn where they came from.
  5. We can only hope that they do not return.

King of Dragon Pass


Things are pretty serious when you get to this event.  You will lose warriors, and some fortifications.  The question is how much.  Once the undead are driven off, you are given several choices to address the problem.

  • Rallying local clans and sending a large force seek to combat the undead directly.  You better hope you have good relations with your neighbors (Option 1) or your warriors are up for the fight (Option 3).  Be aware that sending a large force leaves your own tula open for raids.
  • Sacrificing seeks to gain Humakt's favor.  However, he may look the other way...after all, why should he help a clan that let the undead get out of hand to start with.
  • Sending scouts to find the source of the undead in order to fight them is a good option, although they may come across other events:
  • Hoping they don't come back is burying one's head in the sand, but hey, sometimes it does work.


  • To get this event, one is usually lackadaisical in keeping the undead under check, or else other situations can conspire to bring about the undead assault.  Some possible causes include: letting vampires run loose, insulting the Humakti, decimating the duck clans that hold the undead back in their swamps, etc. 

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